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Ten reasons I’m here (since 1999!)

To provide fans of my RoadBikeRider Jim’s Tech Talk column and Bicycling Magazine articles, other stories and cycling books, a way to continue reading, find my bicycle blog and Your Home Bicycle Workshop book; and donate to help keep this site online.

To share worthwhile information about bikes and riding such as these two tips from my Crank section, which has tons of tips:

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Chain fell off? Just shift it back on!

Sooner or later your chain will fall off the front sprocket while you’re riding. On most bikes, to get it back on, all you have to do is shift it on by moving the left shift lever as if you were shifting onto a bigger chainring. Pedal lightly and finesse the chain back into place. This will spare your hands a serious dose of chain grease. If the chain drops when you’re climbing, head downhill for a bit, shift the chain back on and turn back.

8 more tech tips

Bike Parking 101

Here’s the foolproof way to park your bike against a pole: Rest the side of the seat against the pole. Then backpedal the pole-side pedal until it comes up to about 12 o’clock and touches the pole. Voila! The side of the seat keeps the bike from rolling forward and the pedal keeps the bike from rolling backward. So, short of an earthquake, the bike won’t slide, fall over, and get all dinged and dented.

15 more general tips

To teach bicycle repair and maintenance, which is as fun as cycling.

To promote the great sport of cycling, an activity that’s so important and powerful that it keeps spinning along even though government organizations (notably highway/road departments) with billions to spend, seem only interested in autos.

To share some of my cycling memorabilia that otherwise mostly gathers dust in my home.

To act as an advertisement for Jim Langley so people who want to find me, can. I have Jim Langley Bicycle Aficionado T-shirts, stickers, pint glasses and mugs in case you too would like to help promote my website by sporting my gear. On the left is the logo that has graced my home page since the beginning - and my business cards. To the right is the artwork from my wheel sticker. I have put these on the custom bicycle wheels I've built since 1973. You have your choice of which logo you want on the products in my shop.

To have a place to publish my stories and those from other cycling writers I admire.

To keep learning about online communication and technology and use it to help promote cycling.

To tell you about other useful and fun cycling websites.

To motivate you to ride; or if you can't ride, to appreciate bikes and cycling.

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