Shimano Pro-Set HG Bicycle Chain Cutter

Shimano Pro-Set HG Chain Cutter

Almost Too Nice to Use

This photo depicts my prize bicycle chain tool just about life size. Put your hand up to the photo and you can imagine using it. The handles are rosewood and wonderfully smooth. You might not think it would make a difference when working on grimy links, but I swear it makes the job easier. It’s not so much the quality of the wood perhaps, but the size of the handles. A nice detail is a small screw on the bottom of the handle that when removed, reveals two Hyperglide chain pins stored inside. The tool’s pin is easily replaced too, of course.

I Earned It

I favor this fine chain tool (and I’ve got about a half dozen different types) but it’s special for another reason: the way I got it. It was gift from Shimano for working as a mechanic on their neutral support team during the Mountain Bike World Championships in 1995. Every time I pick up this beauty it reminds me of that great week in Vail, Colorado.


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